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One of the three essentials in making crowns look real: Surface Texture

Surface texture 095
As a Prosthodontist, I naturally have higher expectations on my own finished works. As shown in the photo above, tooth #21 is a temporary crown, and if you’re the fans of tof, you can immediately identify this and speak out loud: “Wow, it’s such an amazing work, and it’s no doubt like the real ones!”. Meanwhile, some would think: “Not again, this is possibly another flashy article! After one hundred times of practices for trying, it just comes out right once, and here is it for the show!”
Eh, two ways of sayings are both right and wrong. The right part about the above photo is, #21 is indeed a neat temporary crown, but for the wrong part, ha-ha, this is not made by tof. In fact, there is too much bitterness as well as things out of my control, and please just hear me out for what I’m going to reveal in the followings.

02 10 月 2012


Surface texture 095
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身為假牙科的醫師,自然會對自己的成品有較高的要求。就像上圖,牙齒#21是一顆臨時假牙,tof 的粉絲一看就說:「哇,真是神乎奇技,做的太擬真了!」,有些人會想:「又來了,這又是炫耀文吧!100顆做一顆像這樣的就拿來現!」。嗯,兩種說法都對也都錯。對的部份是以上圖來看,#21的確是一顆完美無暇的臨時假牙,錯的部份呢,哈哈,這不是 tof 做的,其實這中間有太多的辛酸與無奈,請看下去就知道了。

01 10 月 2012