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Only Nature Can Mimic Nature!


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Biomimetics (or biomimicry) is one of the hottest topics today. You have to be impressed by this idea. But it is easier said than done. It’s always not easy for a man-made object to learn from the nature and in turn mimic the nature.
Tof was thinking, what if we can keep the “original” stuff which Mother Nature gave us? Wouldn’t that be kind of biomimetics? Enough said, tof is going to share with you 2 cases about how to practice biomimetics on yourselves. The first case scores 78 on the esthetic evaluation checklist, and zero for interdental papilla and gingival line. Are you kidding me? Sharing a case like this with me?

09 3 月 2013



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Biomimetics (又稱 biomimicry)是最近很夯的話題,這個理念實在令人佩服,但是要做到,實在要有無比的毅力與耐力。人工的東西要師法大自然進而模擬大自然,不容易。
tof 想,那如果能盡量保留來自大自然「原廠」的東西,是不是也算 biomimetics 呢?所以,tof 要藉著兩個案例,跟各位分享如何身體力行實踐 biomimetics。第一個案例,在 esthetic evaluation checklist 上(若不知道這是什麼,請按這裡),得分是 78 分,而且在 interdental papilla 及 gingival line 都分別得到 0 分,這種案例,有什麼好分享的呢?

08 3 月 2013