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Manipulation 4

  1. 顏色特徵(shade characterization)
  2. 顏色數據(shade data)
  3. 表面結構(surface texture)

之前 tof 已經在 這篇 介紹過有關因為閃光燈造成的表面結構的重要性。這一篇,要跟各位談談另一項重要的因素:顏色特徵(shade characterization)。這項元素的重要性,以 tof 的觀點來看,不亞於其他兩項,如果要把它列為假牙擬真三要素中,最重要的一項也不為過。許多美學大師在談到用視覺判斷假牙顏色相似度的時侯,常常會 cite 這篇 Johnston & Kao, 1989 年 publish 在 JDR 的 article,說ΔE=3.7 時是視覺判斷假牙顏色像或是不像的閥值,這實在是犯了嚴重的錯誤,因為 Johnston 的 study 忽略了假牙要擬真,除了顏色數據外,還有其他的兩個重要要素。今天要談的,就是其中之一:顏色特徵。

24 12 月 2012

Do you consider the gingival zenith when doing anterior single implant restorations?

IMG 4946
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One day, Tof went to a lecture by a local dental implant master.  I was thinking, since I couldn’t steal any of Dr. Johnny Chang’s dental implant techniques, maybe I could steal some from other masters; and at least I would be able to bluff more about dental implantology to my fans of the blog. The speaker’s techniques were impeccable, both the positioning and the angle of the implant placement were masterfully controlled. His techniques are as good as Dr. Johnny Chang’s. But when he showed us the prostheses, it was hilarious; whether it’s the temporal crowns or the final ones, they were all poorly made. Personally, I don’t have a high standard about this, but I wasn’t expecting him to brag about himself so much when the shapes and colors of the crown were all off.
This master likes to emphasize on the notion of super GP, only focuses on the traits that can make big money; dental implants, orthodontics, and ceramic crowns are all his specialties. But for me, I can only focus on being in a single specialty, because I know concentrating on one realm is hard enough, that’s why I cannot cross over to other specialty.
I enjoy being professional at what I do. That’s why I couldn’t stand it when I meet someone with a self-title of super GP master. If the work he has done like that could be deemed as a masterpiece, then my work would be a world class one, too.

06 12 月 2012